Thursday, 25 July 2013

Der Spiegel calls Madrid mayor 'a real disgrace'

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MADRID The Mayor of Madrid happens to be the wife of former Prime Minister José María Aznar, which is 'the only reason she got the job', according to the German weekly Der Spiegel. This is among the politest things it says, most of which are reflected in the Spanish media. Some more gems: Madrid's town hall cost €500 million to renovate; Her office is larger than the President of the USA; She has a butler whose only function is to make coffee; She has 260 personal advisors, whose average salary is €60,000/year; The council has 267 vehicles for personal use. This in the a city where the Catholic charity Cáritas attends to over a million people and 26% of its children live under the poverty line. 'How does she dare go to Mass and show her face in public?' asks Der Spiegel.

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