Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Dog park has a hundred daily visitors

LA LÍNEA Only two months ago, an association was created with the support of Verdemar-Ecologistas en Acción, the environmental organization, and the Council, whose objective was the establishment of what came to be called a 'canine park' within the large Reina Sofía Park. Over one hundred people now use this space to walk their dogs every day. According to the president of the Asociación Canina Parque Sofía, Fuensanta Guerrero, the idea was born from the need of pet owners to have somewhere to walk their animals and to meet other people. Largely thanks to Verdemar, the park already has a drip system to water the grass, and an agility course is planned. There is also a disused bunker within the area, which Guerrero hopes can eventually be used as an office and meeting place for the association.

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