Monday, 29 July 2013

Who is she, and why does she cook only once?

Our Once Only Cook
Stephanie Moss's first recipe for CampoPulse went up last Tuesday. We promised some more information on her, so just scroll down and you'll get the whole kit and caboodle, which she wrote herself. Stephanie has kindly sent in a whole bunch of recipes she has used over the years, so we can make a regular feature of them. They will be appearing every Tuesday until we run out, or she does. Her entire 'food bio' is below, and it makes interesting reading (find out what the three exceptions to her Once Only rule are). Tune in tomorrow to see her recipe ...
Allow me to introduce myself. I am Stephanie Moss, a new resident this year in Jimena de la Frontera having retired here with my British husband Steve, from Denver, Colorado USA.  I gained a great love of food and wine from around the world at an early age as my mother is German and my stepmom is French Canadian, which allowed me the opportunity to travel and experience new cuisines on a regular basis. Furthermore, Steve and I have always made a point to travel to somewhere new each year experiencing and savouring the many great flavors of the world! 

Well, 13 years ago January, I had a freezer full of fabulous meats, fish and poultry that was delivered monthly but now was just more than the two of us could consume, so I discontinued the service and made a New Year’s resolution to use all of the items until the freezer was emptied while not making the same recipe twice (yes, I had a cupboard full of cookbooks as the Internet was still in its infancy then). This lead to such fun times and dinner table discussions  that I decided to keep making new dishes every time I cooked or baked and it has continued for the last 13 years! Yes, I have heard “what if you really like something?’ and to that I reply “here’s the recipe, you can make it”! As of today, Steve has yet to make any of the recipes again, so I guess that is a true sign that trying something new is great fun and an adventure.

The best thing to keep in mind if you try this at my home is that don’t worry if you don’t like it, you won’t have it again! I will confess there are three exceptions to the only once rule: Beef and Ale Pie on Steve’s birthday and once a year when his Mom visits, Swiss Cheese and Onion Pie made only 6 times in the 13 years by special request from friends and Harvest Loaf a delicious bread I make annually en masse for friends and family that I ship across the world to.

So today I hope that you will try something new and share the recipe with all of your friends and family.

Buen provecho!


Bob Collishaw said...

Great start, Stef! Looking forward to seeing your recipes! I know you're an excellent cook! Bob Collishaw - Denver Colorado

Sandy Reavey said...

I recall your fabulous parties, and I know I passed a few recipes on to you. Wish I could try some of your dishes and excited to hear about this new endeavor. Creativity is so much fun. I have more ideas than I can accomplish and I'd better get busy on some of them. Best wishes and look forward to some recipes!

Tip said...

To have a brand new recipe everyday sounds heavenly! Steph you are a fabulous cook and I can't wait to see all the recipes, I already have several of yours that I do cook often!

Tip said...

Daily recipes and no duplicates sounds heavenly! Some of our favorite recipes are the ones you have shared over the years! I can't wait to see more.


Shannon said...

Hmmmm. Something that I didn't know about you, but should've guessed. We never did eat the same thing twice. :) Looking forward to seeing these delicious recipes!