Monday, 29 July 2013

Innovating flamenco guitarist Manolo Sanlucar announces retirement

NERJA The setting inside the caves at Nerja, a very flamenco venue, could hardly have been a better spot from which to announce his retirement from the stage. Manolo Sanlucar, a master guitarist, who, together with Paco de Lucía, is considered the most innovative of a significant generation of flamenco guitarists. The announcement came as a surprise to the audience, though it had been mooted for some time among his closest friends and associates. As he stood on stage after his performance of the symphonic version of 'Medea', a piece originally created in 1987 for Spain's National Ballet, Sanlucar was visibly emotional as he made his decision known. He started by saying that this was not one of his best concerts, for which he apologised, and ended up announcing his retirement, adding that he will be meeting all his contracted appearances through next year.

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