Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Jimena and San Pablo pools open to the public tomorrow

JIMENA/SAN PABLO The municipal swimming pools management (i.e. the Council) has announced that they will be open to the public as from tomorrow, which will surprise many who have passed them each day and seen lots of people in the water, doors open, etc. The fact is that the Jimena pool has been open for swimming lessons at all levels, but not to the general public. This is because a lifeguard had not been hired, a fact noticed and complained about by the opposition in the Council, about which an article in today's Europa Sur reports. Below are the door and season ticket prices (opening hours are supposedly at the door, so we'll try to get them and update tomorrow - and whether they also apply to the San Pablo one, too):>>>

At the door:

  • Adults €2, children €1 (not clear up to what age, but probably 12 or so)
  • Member of large family or 'with no income': Adult €1, children €0.80
Season tickets:
  • Pensioners and minors €25 for 30 swims*
  • Adults: €45 for 30 swims
  • Large families and 'with no income': €20 for 30 swims
* At this time, this presumably means that the season tickets are not dated, but, again, we will have to confirm and update.

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Jan said...

Thanks very much for this information. There were no opening hours on the gate at Jimena on Sunday but that could well be because it wasn't open - we just assumed that everyone but us just knew (as often happens around here!).