Thursday, 15 August 2013

BBC misinforms about Gibraltar queues

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GIBRALTAR This photograph, by the AFP agency (Agence France Press), appeared on the BBCNews (Europe) online page on August 14. Taken, we understand, from the top of the Asur Hotel Campo de Gibraltar, on Avenida Príncipe de Asturias, it purports to show the long line of cars headed for the border. But the long queue shown here includes -and should not- parked cars and a queue that does not cross the frontier (the drop-off queue). While the picture does show a long queue, this can be normal on a busy working day, or on a Spanish holiday. You will also notice the following: 'To ignorant BBC headline writers: GIBRALTAR IS NOT AN ISLAND, it is a peninsula.' This is because we have seen and heard it referred to as an island all too often by the BBC, which should know better. (By the way, the Rock is not so much in the headlines lately, is it? Have the 'inspections' come down at all?)

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PROSPERO said...

fROM fACEBOOK: Queues are not forming until after most workers have gone in, then there are queues due to PL checking all cars and bikes documents, pictures from this morning on posted on the Gib Politics FB page. There are still long queues getting into Gib.
Not sure that the pics proves the BBC is lying, the queue goes beyond the picture (to the right). The cars in the left hand lane is either dropping people off at the border (usually none existant) so I'd suggest they are going into Gib but have opted to park in the Los Parados parking, you queue that side to get in there and if the PL aren't being awkward then they don't put up bollards to stop you from cutting the Gib bound traffic, the other day they were sending people to the back of the queue, though they weren't queuing to get into Gib

Queues going out, seem to have calmed down a bit, and are starting later. So clearly smuggling tobacco is post 7pm and not the rest of the day and not sure what the buggery bollox they think we might be smuggling into Gib!

Also on the front of the Chronicle today is a pic of the area Spanish fishermen can fish for Concha which is what this is apparently all about.. you will notice (if the pic comes out right) that the allowed fishing area is no where near Gib or her terriorital waters.. so they shouldn't be fishing where they are anyway under Spanish guides, therefore they are in Gib waters and shouldn't be. Their logic seems a little off to me!