Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Fire at Troyano yesterday, caused by gas bottle leakage

Terrace at Troyano/Mesilla de los Ángeles
(Photo: JimenaLinks)
JIMENA A report in today's EuropaSur said there was a fire in the basement at the restaurant known as Troyano (officially, Mesilla de los Ángeles, and the last one on the left as you leave Jimena towards the coast). This was confirmed this morning by various sources, as the newspaper reported the fire being at La Troyana and we didn't want to get it wrong. Fortunately, the fire did not cause any personal damage, although the fire brigade reported that it originated with a leakage from one of the bombonas in the basement. Material damage was not excessive, either. The paper is not clear either, as to which basement the fire broke out - local sources say it was the one below the bakery, where sacks of flour, two commercial fridges and other supplies caused a great deal of smoke.

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