Saturday, 28 August 2010

Two new car parks for Gibraltar

GIBRALTAR Gibraltar Government has issued tenders for two new car parks this week. Part of the Integrated Traffic, Parking and Transport Plan, one of these is to be built at Engineer Lane, the other at Arengo's Palace. They join those already built at Willis’s Road, New Harbours and Sandpits, plus that at Devil’s Tower Road. still under construction When completed, the Arengo’s Palace car park will provide two hundred and eleven spaces. The schedule includes starting in early January 2011, and completion by April 2012. The Engineer Lane park, ts due to be built on the site of the current Engineer House parking lot, and will offer a total of two hundred and one car spaces. Its work schedule is the same as that for Arengo's Palace. Government did not make clear whether these new facilities will be free or pay-parking, nor whether they will be put on sale.

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