Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Verónica Rojas needs our votes more than ever: she's in the finals!

SAN ROQUE Verónica Rojas, 22, who began her singing career at a tender age, has reached the finals of the regional competition Se Llama Copla on Canal Sur, a very difficult thing to do. We asked for your votes last September, and you came across in droves. Now she needs us more than ever: On the night of April 16 is the programme's finals against very strong competition. This lovely girl is the daughter of Jimena's Arcgisa foreman, whose family -including Verónica naturally, live in San Roque. Speaking to Jose Antonio, her father, this morning, we are told that everyone is really nervous, which is hardly surprising. To vote for her on the programme (PLEASE, PLEASE DO) you have to call 905 855 506 or send a text message with the words “copla vero” to 25657. The lines are only open during the programme, which starts at about 11.30pm. San Roque Council is setting up a large screen at the Juan Luis Galiardo Theatre for the event. Would be fun to be there! (Read more about her, in Spanish.)

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