Monday, 16 May 2011

Classic Car Club of Andalucía celebrates its third anniversary

AC Cobra at La Estación in San Pablo
The Classic Car Club of Andalucía celebrated its third anniversary at La Estación Restaurant in San Pablo. The converted railway station (still in operation as a request stop) hosted some 40 vehicles and their occupants, who set out early in the morning from Estepona. The parking lot was awash with beauties such as the AC Cobra in the picture, Sporting Mercs, MGs, several E-types, Morgans, a sharp looking yellow Corvette, a rare Shelby 500GT, a Shelby Cobra - it's a long list. We have just heard that the Gibraltar Classic Car Club, with the Club de Clasicos of Algeciras is heading to Jimena this coming weekend, so watch this space for more info as soon as we get it!

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