Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Gibraltar is concerned about PP win in Spanish elections

Landaluce and new team
ALGECIRAS (Text: GibChronicle/Photo: EuropaSur:JM Quiñones) PP were rejoicing in Algeciras, where Jose Ignacio Landaluce, the man known locally for his ‘Gibraltar-bashing’, was elected Mayor on Sunday with an overwhelming majority. Of the 26 seats in the council, the PP won 16. It needs no help to govern Algeciras. Landaluce’s primary focus is expected to be resolving the many problems and challenges facing Algeciras. However he also aims to retain his seat in Parliament in Madrid, a job he believes is compatible with his duties as Mayor. His aggressive stance on Gibraltar-related issues will probably not change there. PP foreign affairs spokesman Gustavo de Arístegui, well known for his anti-Gibraltar rhetoric, visited Algeciras just a fortnight ago and said his party would seek to continue dialogue with Gibraltar, although on yet-to-be-defined terms.

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