Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Back to back charity dinners for new Los Barrios animal shelter

Tomorrow and Friday are red leetter days for Aimee, who started and runs the animal shelter in Los Barrios with a small handful of hard working volunteers. Hers is one of several animal charities to benefit from the dinners. Tomorrow's Gala Dinner in Gibraltar (see poster) stars Dusty Springfield, as, indeed does Friday's in Estepona. This one, in Estepona, starts at 7.30. You're not too late to book your place online at AlcaidesaLive, but we urge you to move right now! We're preparing an article about Aimee and her work, which is just now taking off, there being a great need for it in the area. One of the things we did manage to extract from Aimee as she buzzed about is the need for donations, not just of money but of anything animal-related, such as toys, blankets, flea-powder or -shampoo ... you name it, they will use it.

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