Wednesday, 25 May 2011

To be (a Councillor) or not to be

CAMPO DE GIBRALTAR (Agencies) At least ten councillors-elect in the Campo de Gibraltar last Sunday will have to give up another job by June 11 in order to meet regulations about incompatibilities. The law, Ley Organica de Régimen Electoral General (LOREG), says among other things that it is illegal to have a job at a Town Hall if one becomes an elected official in the same municipality. The law establishes that where the incompatibility is present, the options are: to renounce their elected position -which means that the next on the electoral list takes that position - or give up the job that makes the position untenable. The councillors-elect in the Campo that are in this position affects the future Council make up in Algeciras, La Línea, San Roque, Los Barrios, Tarifa and Jimena (details below). But there are a variety of possible solutions,>
depending in large part on whether the person goes on to form part of the governing body or is in opposition.If he or she is part of the government, he will be in a comisión especial de servicios and must leaves a job in the Town Hall without prejudice of returning to it at a later date and without losing salary, now paid as a Councillor in service. If in opposition, he or she asks for leave for as long as necessary but only perceives payment as a councillor, usually a fairly paltry amount.

La Línea
Javier Marín (PSOE) was elected to the Council as the third on the party list. Marín is presently the Treasurer at the Council in Estepona, with a long career at the Council in La Línea, where he has also been Treasurer. He will have to make a decision, but he can't do that until it is decided how the Council is going to be made up, as the PP lost its overall majority and is therefore in negotiations with other parties, as is the PSOE, which has only one seat less than their rivals.

San Roque
This is where most of the councillors in a position of 'incompatibility' are located. Marina García and Óscar González (USR) are Council employees. García says she is used to the situation, as she was in a comisión especial de servicios until her party was removed from office by a political move last year, when she decided simply to wait and see, although she would have been able to return to her post as a Council official, but opted for no employment, or income at all. Both of them will have to await negotiations furiously going on between the two main parties, PSOE AND PP, who are both talking to USR, which holds the balance.

Almudena Santana (PP) is another one who works for the Council at the corporations media company, Multimedia. She underwent the situation before, in 2003, when she opted from resigning her elected post and not her job. In this case, if the PP is in the chair at the Council chamber and Santana decides to forego her elected spot, it would be filled by the next on the list, Juan Carlos Sosa, who would then enter into 'incompatibility' because he is a member of the Security Forces. Nothing is decided, though, until the smoke in the back rooms settles. (Note: you can't smoke in back rooms any more!)

Manuel Melero (PA) is a Local policeman and would therefore incur in 'incompatibility' according to the LOREG, though the position taken in such cases by the Electoral Commission in 1999 would allow him to enter into 'the corresponding administrative situation' in order to play his part as an elected official.

Los Barrios
Two of the four PSOE elected officials work at the Town Hall: Salvador Puerto (number 3 on the list) and Alfonso Pecino (4). Puerto, who works in the Council press office, says he is waiting to get closer to the date when the Council should be settled (June 11) to decide on whetehter to resign from elected office or continues in opposition and resigns from his job. If he resigns his office, Estefanía Ruiz is next on the list.

As of this date, neither of the two would occupy a place on a comisión de servicios, as their party doesn't stand much of a chance of governing. Pecino's likely -if unconfirmed- position would probably be to resign his elected post and return to work in the Council's Environment Department, in which case his elctoral spot would be filled by Aurelia Ruiz.

Both cases of 'incompatibility' already have a solution. Ezequiel Andréu (IU) is the present coordinator for Tourism, in a position known as personal de confianza (trusted personnel). He says he will leave his job in the Town Hall to take up his spot as a councillor in opposition, even though he would suffer a considerable reduction in income.

The other case in Rifa is that of Carmen Miriam Iglesias Gutiérrez, number 3 on the PSOE list. She resigned from her job  as director of the El Estrecho employment scheme workshop.

Belén Guerrero Rojas was elected to office in spot number 7 on the PSOE list. She is Organization Secretary of her party in the municipality, and has been a Town Hall administrative employee since 2003. She has already told the Acting Mayor, Pascual Collado, that she would be reigning her elected office, to be succeeded by number 8 on the list, Juan José Rondón.

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