Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Today's headlines

EL MUNDO Judge does not believe Strauss-Khan and sends him to jail without bail - Zapatero says there would be 70% less unemployment without real estate crisis - Bank of Spain hid CAM (Caja de Ahorros del Mediterraneo) (financial) hole for eight months / EL PAIS Judge orders Strauss-Khan to jail without bail for fear of escape - Eurogroup approves €78,000 to rescue Portugal - The Hague seeks ghaddafi arrest for repressing rebels / ABC (Over photo of dejected Strauss-Khan in court) Prison without bail - Constitutional (Court) prepares 'burial' of 'Parot Doctrine' - 500 families denounce marginalization for speaking Spanish (in Catalonia) / PUBLICO (Over photo of Strauss-Khan) To jail - Left seeks to convince the 'indignant' - Judge exonerates Correa in Camps suit case / CINCO DIAS Cajas propose that employees become shareholderes in their banks - (Over photo) Prison without bail for Strauss-Khan - Electricity companies implicate Industry (Ministry) against Competition (authorities) / 20 MINUTOS Youth protest expands on Net and street demos - (Over photo of Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie) 'I have my own problems' - Lorca techn icians change some homes from 'habitable' to 'ruin' / EUROPA SUR Vivienda (Homes) company of Algeciras closes with €7.4 million in losses - Price of property falls in area except San Roque

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