Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Today's headlines

EL PAIS PSOE bosses ask Rubalcaba and Chacon for pact to avoid primaries - Rajoy demands early elections: "Government is not in any condition" - Iceland volcano threatens air traffic again / EL MUNDO Zapatero ignores debacle and sticks to his guns - 'ETA is an organization that has used violence and suffered for it' - Business demands agreement with unions / LA RAZON Fratricide al war in PSOE - over a million PSOE voters chose PP / PUBLICO Knocked out PSOE faces primaries - PP demands early elections / EXPANSION (Business/Finance) PP to audit autonomous regions - Abu Dhabi to buy Spain's aeronautics leader / SUR (Malaga) 85% of Malaga residents to be governed by PP - Sentence on Larios 'kamikaze' reduced to 17 years - Britons once again looking towards Andalucia

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