Monday, 23 May 2011

Election controller arrested for stealing from policeman

LA LINEA (Agencies) The election in La Línea was somewhat distrurbed when a PSOE controller (each party has one at each of the booths) was arrested for allegedly stealing a PDA device from a policeman on duty at the poll station at the C.P. Andalucía, according to the Government of Andalucía Delegation in town. It appears that early yesterday morning the policeman, who was on duty at the station, placed a charger on the device that is handed out to the force by the Town Hall to deal with fines, which are processed in a building next door to the school where the polling station was. When he went to collect it, it was missing. Suspicions were on a person or persons related to the elections, in the same building. The policeman called the PDA number, which sounded from the pocket of the alleged thief inside the polling station, who was promptly arrested for stealing (Note: he should have been arrested for stupidity.) We will post similar stories as we find them: WATCH THIS SPACE.

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