Thursday, 26 May 2011

Today's headlines

EL PAIS Zapatero confronts PSOE revolt to avoid congress - Five judges charge Camps's PP bosses with serious crimes - Obama reaffirms US and UK world leadership / EL MUNDO Zapatero seeks support to brake Rubalcaba onslaught - Judge believes proof was destroyed on 11-M and will not close 'Manzano case' - CEOE belies Zapatero and does not see clear way to pact with unions / ABC Autumn elections (PSOE barons and PP prepare) - Real Madrid 'does without' Jorge Valdano - Spain will not return to pre-criusis unemployment level until 2026 / PUBLICO Zapatero confronts Rubalcaba sector - Telefonica plans 8,500 redundancies - Stress tests on nuclear power plants excludes terrorist threat / CINCO DIAS (Business/Finance) Telefonica raises ERE (redundancies) to 8,500 at unions' request - Spain moves away from rescue - President of SGAE (music writers, etc. union) places his cousin at top of company group / SUR (Malaga) PSOE surprises with a pact and takes Benalmadena from PP - Marbella leads tourism recovery - Zapatero tries to stop PSOE mutiny  YOUR BUSINESS CAN SPONSOR THIS DAILY FEATURE FOR AS LITTLE AS €3 €2

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