Monday, 20 June 2011

Blue shark closes beaches

Prionace glauca, to its friends
LOS BARRIOS /Palmones (Agencies) The beaches at Palmones had to be closed yesterday after a swimmer alerted the authorities of a shark in the area. It was soon identified as a blue shark, whereupon Civil Protection agents closed the beach off to swimmers. The shark was first spotted shortly after 4pm, and reported at 4.15 to the 061 emergency number. The beach closed, a Sea Rescue boat spotted the shark near the Acerinox port. The alert was on maximum until 6.40, when the tide had turned and the shark had not been seen for some time. Nevertheless, volunteers and specialists have been on the lookouit for it overnight and will continue to be so this morning. This species is not usually dangerous to people and this is not the first time one has been sighted in the area: last year another one was spotted for two days near the beach at Alcaidesa.

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