Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Casares Mayor announces her team at the Council

CASARES (Press release) Having discussed the matter with her local Izquierda Unida group, the Mayoress of Casares, Antonia Morera, has chosen her team. The number of municipal departments has been expanded to 22 with the creation of those for Foreign Residents, Citizen Participation and Cooperation; and a change of name from that of Women to one of Equality. Thus, the governing team (called Junta de Gobierno) is headed by Morera, who takes charge of Treasury, Equality and Personnel, with three Vice-Mayors in the following order: Pedro González (Town Planning, Education, Health, Youth and Sports), Pepe Carrasco (Infrastructure, Environment, Tourism and Citizen Participation) and Juan Luis Villalón (Council representative at Secadero, Communication and Citizen Safety). Sonia Saborido will be the Councillor for Local Development and Employment, Culture, Festivities and Social Services, while Juan Sánchez continues in charge of Institutional Relations, plus Housing and the new department of Cooperation and Juan Jesús Rodríguez carries on as the Coast delegate but now takes on the newly created Department for Foreign Residents.

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