Monday, 13 June 2011

Collective exhibition of local artists this weekend

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JIMENA/San Pablo de Buceite The by now famous restaurant in San Pablo, La Estación (because it's in the actual real live railway station), is once again showing the rest of us what can be achieved. This time Nieves and Samuel are holding a collective art exhibition from Friday 17 to Sunday 19, from 7pm, with music by Michael Kevin Jones (cello) and Daniel Herrera (guitar). Participating artists include Nora Tisnés, Melissa González Morgan, Clodagh Thornton, Juan Soler, Roderic Stokes, Gonzalo Polo, Esther Emberley Soria, Marta Fuster Barutell, Debora Knight and Olivia Lowsley Williams, a plethora of good work and a wide variety of styles and media. Let's hope this is only the beginning of at least an annual event. An aperitif will be served when you arrive. (It is wise to book for dinner if that is your intention - it gets pretty full!

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