Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Today's headlines

EL PAIS Constitutional [Court] takes its crisis to the limit - Supreme [Court] sepqarates five judges on Garzon dictatorship case - Italians rivet 'no' on Berlusconi / EL MUNDO Constitutional and banks indignant about poor quality of politics - Italians reject Berlusconi 'shield' referendum - S&P makes Greek debt the world's worst / PUBLICO "A kidnapped Court" - The people punish Berlusconi - El Escorial school accuses priest of abusing three minors / NEGOCIO (Business/Lifestyle) Spanish risk at maximum levels, Greece in intensive care - Yoigo, immune from 'six centimos war' - Ferrovial, ACS and FCC bid for London stations / EUROPA SUR National pact typifies the indiscipline of turncoat votes - Elections in Andalucia will be in March no matter what Zapatero does.

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