Friday, 10 June 2011

She has the key to an intriguing political folderol

Pilar Lobato Carrión
CASTELLAR (Agencies) The whole of Castellar de la Frontera is waiting for Pilar Lobato Carrión to decide what to do. She is the only member of the PP to have been elected onto the Council. She has four options at tomorrow's constitutional session when the Mayorship is decided: She can vote for the PSOE, which is unlikely given her campaign; she can vote for herself, in which case Francisco Vaca , PSOE, would remain as Mayor; she can vote for the IU candidate, which would put Juan Casanova in the chair (two more disparate parties are unlikely to join forces except in extremis); or she can abstain, which would put IU and PSOE at equals and the Mayor has to come from the party with most votes, which would put Paco Vaca back on top. Hold your breath.

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