Monday, 27 June 2011

Teenager drowns in Tarifa

(Photo: Europa Sur)
TARIFA (Agencies) A sixteen year old boy, identified only as H.R. was bathing with family and friends when he started having trouble getting back to the beach at Los Lances. Four teenagers of between 14 and 16, all of the same family, went out for a swim at about 4pm yesterday. Soon after, someone on shore noticed that they were all having difficulty. Two were helped by others, one made it on his own, but the third had disappeared from sight. Salvamento Marítimo (Air Sea Rescue) was alerted immediately and a search began straight away, with assistance from Red Cross, Guardia Civil and Local Police. The boy's body was finally located at 18.45 by a helicopter, close to where he had run into trouble, opposite the municipal swimming pool. But this was not the only such incident in the area.>>>
Another two people were very close to drowning at Atlanterra, although they finally managed to reach shore without help. They admitted to being exhausted by their experience.

The authorities, particularly Salvamento Marítimo, who deal with these things, advise that on very windy days such as yesterday's, all bathers, no matter how well they may swim, take extreme preventative measure against the under currents that are typical -and very dangerous- of such weather.

Yesterday's was the first of this summer's deaths, and the season only started on Tuesday.

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