Thursday, 9 June 2011

Today's headlines

EL PAIS Zapatero asks Rajoy to stop spreading doubt about Spain's solvency - 'Business is petrified of contracting (labour)' - Spain postpones its military mission in Lybia indefinitely / EL MUNDO Another provisional 'decree' by Zapatero reopens uncertainty - !5-M challenges Congress: "We pass or we camp out" - Agreement between PSOE and PP to lower tension about autonomoies deficit / ABC (Over photo of Zapatero and Rubalcaba) In divorce proceedings - Reform of union dictates - Autonomies owe more than €5 billion in medication / PUBLICO PP heads list of debtors - A thousand of the 'indignant' take their protest to Congress - Rubalcaba will leave the Government whjen there are elections / CINCO DIAS (Business/Finance) Business alarm at drop in [Ministry of] Development adjudications - Rosell (President of CEOE): "Government proposal is unbalanced and disappointing" - Business forecasts 40,000 jobs in tourism this year / EUROPA SUR PSOE, PIVG and PA pact tripartite government for San Roque - Over 400 official cars for Andalusian high officials - Tension at Algeciras port (over workers' protest) - Emalgesa warns Algeciras of scam YOU CAN SPONSOR THIS DAILY WEEKDAY FEATURE FOR AS LITTLE AS €2

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