Monday, 13 June 2011

Today's headlines

EL PAIS Socialists prepare for possible early elections - Moderate Islamist Erdogan wins again in Turkey - Anonymous hacks Police web page / ABC (Over photo of cleanup) 'Indignant' leave (Puerta del Sol) - ETA will continue not to attack until after general elections after Bildu triumph - Tobacco war forces Government change in taxes / EL MUNDO Zapatero studies possibility of elections in November - 'Indignant' leave but radical group remains at Puerta del Sol - Dean of ETA convicts heads Bildu demonstration / PUBLICO Rating agency shareholders make fortunes withj Spanish Crisis - Judge investigates Agag (Aznar son-in-law) operation - Rubalcaba warns that Rajoy will come in with 'virulence' / EL ECONOMISTA (Business/Finance) Barclays will not buy into Bankia - duplicate costs of public entities are around €32,300 MILLIONS - Does Rubalcaba have a financial team? - EUROPA SUR New governments of La Linea and Los Barrios begin to roll - (Below photo of ship run aground) The 'Deneb' touches bottom' - Salud Responde deals with 134,845 appointments in the area

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