Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Today's headlines

EL MUNDO [Ministry of] Interior sets loose seven ETA members and watches them with bracelets - Zapatero's unionist minister accuses banks of unemployment... - ...And the cajas hire for three times his salary the man who benefitted them / EL PAIS Dispute between Merkel and the ECB leaves Greece at the edge of the abyss - 'Indignant' surround Catalonia Parliament - Exhumation in search of stolen babies / PUBLICO PSOE and PP react (to Constitutional Court resignations) - Thousands of 'indignant' concentrate iat Catalonia Parliament - Parliamentarian assets and income will be public in September / EUROPA SUR PA now admits to studying its entry into La Linea government - Jose Loaiza, Mayor of San Fernando, to head Diputacion - (Over photo of triumphant) Ruiz is invested Mayor of Jimena.

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