Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Today's headlines

EL PAIS Zapatero defends his legacy against election demands from Rajoy and CiU - Lagarde gets IMF job - Greece votes for new cutbacks in a socially rebellious climate / ABC (Over photos of several sleeping socialist bigwigs) Exhausted Government resists nearly elections - Judge to ETA member: "Ashot in the neck is political violence?" - San Sebastian, Cultural Capital 'for fighting against violence' / EL MUNDO Zapatero says good-bye - Portugal: more VAT, less pension funds and good-bye to AVE (fast speed train) - Bildu relates Cultural Capital with 'normalization of Basque Country / PUBLICO Zapatero clings to reforms while Rajoy only asks for early elections - Intellectuals support grows on reconstructing Left with 'indignant' proposals - San Sebastian, Cultural Capital 2016 for its project for peace /  NEGOCIO (Business & Lifestyle) Zapatero says goodbye again but won't go - Lagarde becomes first woman to head IMF - First step to Greek adjustment vote / EUROPA SUR Rajoy demands elections faced by Zapatero in leaving mode - PP plans to reduce positions of trust in Algeciras - Cordoba: the great disappointment SPONSORED BY

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