Friday, 3 June 2011

Two out of three patrol cars inoperative for lack of fuel

(Photo: Europa Sur)
LA LINEA (Agencies) Two of the three Local Police vehicles are parked and unused because the Council has not paid its accounts with Cepsa, according to the police union representative. This has apparently been so for five days and the third car is at present very low on petrol. In the meantime, the police are ptrolling on foot and the representative says it is possible that they will have to take buses to move about town, as they did last November when the police vehicles could not be taken for their MOT because the leasing company refused to present the proper documents as the Council had an outstanding bill with it. When the vehicles ran out of petrol, they had to be brought in by the municipal tow truck. UPDATE 04/06/11: It was reported that all three vehicles have had their tanks filled this morning.

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