Thursday, 21 July 2011

Cepsa San Roque plant to begin producing bio-diesel in November

Cepsa refinery, San Roque
SAN ROQUE (Agencies) The Cepsa refinery will be producing bio-diesel by November, according to a statement by the company. The R&D department at Cepsa's refinery in Huelva has developed a new process for making bio-diesel fuel from vegetable (i.e. renewable) oil and that plant is beginning production right now, while production at San Roque is scheduled for the end of the year. In development since 2007 at the refineries in Huelva and Tenerife, the new fuel is intended to meet all the latest environmental directives set out by Brussles and Madrid. The company's three refineries involved with the fuel are scheduled to eventually be producing 100,000m3 per year. One of the advantages of bio-diesel is that it produces far less air pollution and contamination than standard carbon fuels, although there are those who say that producing the initial vegetable oil needed has caused world

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