Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Entrepreneur creates mobile guide to Tarifa

Daniel Carrasco (Europa Sur)
TARIFA (Agencies) A young entrepreneur in Tarifa has created a mobile phone guide to his home town. is the website that can be used on late generation mobile phones with the right apps, says Daniel Carrasco Díaz, the man who created it. Although Daniel is living in the city of Cadiz, he has been working for some time on the project, through a business called Proximum. "Nowadays everyone has a mobile phone with Internet access," he says. "The idea was to put a tourist town -and Tarifa is an excellent example- on the map by offering a specific service in the form of a guide but using the latest technology." As a launch promotion, the service is free to boith the user and any businesses wanting to be seen on it. "Naturally, the idea is to make a profit," adds Carrasco, who sees this a medium-range project. Available in Spanish and English,>>>

has nine separate reference headings: Tarifa, Accomodation, Coffee & Drinks, Interesting Info, Shopping, Sports, Bars & Restaurants, Services and Offers. Each of these has one or more subheadings that will gradually be filled with information about subscribers and businesses as they come in.
The project has meant several awards and prizes for innovation for Daniel Carrasco, including two from the University of Cádiz, as well as the Young Entrepreneurs of Cádiz, among others.
He is looking at the many businesses in Tarifa to take part in the project but already he is eyeing similar applications all along the Costa de la Luz and even as far away as Ibiza.

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