Thursday, 14 July 2011

Today's headlines

EL PAIS Italy freezes pensions and privatises companies to break attacks - Judge in 'Faisan' case accuses three senior officers of collaboration with ETA - British politics humiliate Murdoch / EL MUNDO Judge processes Rubalcaba's top police echelon for collaboration with ETA - Four cajas and one bank don't pass solvency test - Architect who worked for SGAE for 20 years denounces serious 'lagoons' in the accounts / LA VANGUARDIA Euroconfusion - Spanish and Italian debt at the mercy of markets - Murdoch loses his big battle / EXPANSION (Business/Finance) Big banks hold 20% of Spain's public debt - NH is first group to eliminate executive shields - Murdoch leaves BSkyB takeover under political pressure / EUROPA SUR Los Barrios extinguishes contracts in companies - Unions tell Araujo that patience is at the end -  'Deneb' is righted with cranes

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