Thursday, 7 July 2011

Fire on Sierra Carbonera, near Santa Margarita, 'also deliberate'

LA LINEA (Agencies) This time it was on Sierra Carbonera (as predicted by an onlooker at last week's nearby at La Alcaidesa) and it was still active at midday today. This one broke out yesterday, Wednesday, at 11.30pm, and forced the evacuation of the Vistahermosa residential complex, which is within Santa Margarita. It is widely believed to have been set deliberately, which is unconfirmed by the firemen as yet. Residents began moving out of their own accord during the night, but were told at 9.30am that they could return. The main road, A-383 had to be closed to all traffic this morning because of visibility problems, but was opened again shortly after noon. We received a call at about 7.30pm, from a friend in the vicinity, who tells us she believes the fire is now under control although she could see there were still plenty of bomberos about, as well as Guardia Civil vehicles. Let's hope it doesn't start up again overnight.

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