Tuesday, 12 July 2011

La Línea PP demands 'more firmess' on landfill

GIBRALTAR / LA LINEA (Agencies) The PP in La Línea, headed by former Mayor Alejandro Sánchez, yesterday expressed its "indignation regarding the weakness and non-operativity of the central Government, the passivity of Socialist Deputy Salvador de la Encina, and the attitude of Mayor Gemma Araujo about the continuous land filling going on in Gibraltar and the impact it is having on local beaches." In a press release,  the former governing party of the town added that Chief Minister Peter Caruana "should understand that the bay is not his property and that he cannot put the interests of Gibraltar above everyone else's. Equally, Ms Araujo should take on her role as governor of La Línea, not as consort of Gibraltar. She must protect La Línea above everything. If not, in a few years we will lose the Levante (Eastern) beach. Living in harmony does not imply capitulation to the interests of a single population."

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