Tuesday, 12 July 2011

No bulls at the bullring again

LA LINEA (Agencies) There will be no major bullfights at the La Linea bullring again this year. A tradition of many years is broken for the second consecutive feria. The reason given by Mayor Gemma Araujo is that there hadn't been time to set out the tender conditions for the ring. However, it is understood that the real reason is that there was no money for a grant to bullfighter Curro Escarcena, the one impresario who had wanted to organize the fights this year. A grant, or subsidy is a tradition, acting as a financial net in case the carteles (scheduled bullfights) show a loss. The La Linea bullring>>>IF YOU FIND THIS ARTICLE INTERESTING, USEFUL OR ENTERTAINING, PLEASE CONSIDER THE WORK, EFFORT AND COST IT TAKES TO BRING IT TO YOU. WE WOULD APPRECIATE A DONATION TO CONTINUE A FREE SERVICE.
is in the process of renovation to celebrate its one hundredth anniversary, but things are going (unsurprisingly) slow. Nevertheless, the only planned bullfights this year are those novilladas (young bulls, young fighters) are those organized by Juan Carlos Landrove, the semi-retired bullfighter who heads the La Línea Bullfighting School. The event will feature Juan Cortés, the novillero from La Línea, as well as students from the schools at Algeciras and San Fernando, among others.

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