Saturday, 30 July 2011

Mayor announces internal audit to 'get to the bottom of municipal finances'

JIMENA (Press release) Mayor Guillermo Ruiz (centre) announced yesterday that he has ordered an internal audit of the municipal accounts, as he had forewarned at his investiture ceremony. At a meeting yesterday morning with Teresa Ruiz-Sillero (right), Secretary General of the provincial PP, Juan Antonio Liaño (second from l.), provincial deputy and head of Treasury, as well as Councillors Pedro Corbacho (Treasury, left) and Maria Jose Pro (First Deputy Mayor, second from r.), it was decided that the audit should go ahead because, as Ruiz said later, the previous mayor's handling of the accounts was "disastrous". Former Mayor Collado, said the present Mayor, "had used money from grants for public works to pay municipal debts. This is not legal." He also pointed out -again- that the Council owed €1,200,000 to Social Security alone.

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