Thursday, 21 July 2011

Rein in glut of ports, says Greenpeace

Isla Verde extension in Algeciras
SPAIN (Agencies) If you put them side-by-side, state-run ports on the Spanish coast stretch for 200 kilometers. Not only that, but ports keep growing, and 20 out of 28 are planning or already building an extension. In its annual report on the state of Spain's coastline, Greenpeace warns that the excess of port projects is beginning to replace the real-estate bubble. "Many [ports] are so close together that they compete for trade, which will end up creating ghost harbors with no boats in them," said Pilar Marcos, head of Greenpeace's coastal campaign. The report also shows that four port authorities alone — Valencia, Algeciras, Barcelona and Bilbao — attract more than 70 percent of cargo traffic.

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