Friday, 22 July 2011

Today's headlines

EL PAIS EU saves Greece and the Euro - Doctors will no longer prescribe brands, only their active ingredients - Rajoy uses Camps exit to attack Rubalcaba / EL MUNDO PP corrals PSOE  with 'Camps effect' - 'Decaffed' default for Greece - PNV chargeD 4% comission on Public works / PUBLICO EU gives Greeks a breather - Exodus: Somalia dies of hunger - Doctors must prescribe generics instead of brands / ABC Four million Somalians about to die of hunger - Agreement to save Greece - The two million euro man (Bullfighter Jose Tomas) / NEGOCIO (Business & Lifestyle) Europgroup agreement  brings back market optimism - Banca Civica gives 30% dividend - Jazztel earns in June more than double of total in 2010 / EUROPA SUR Workers denounce Acerinox for deviating jobs to Malasia - Spain arrests Moroccan fishing boat - San Roque asks Junta for €3.5 million from ZAL agreement

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