Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Today's headlines

EL PAIS PSOE uses criticism of banks as a strategy - Unemployment drops but doesn't clear doubts about future employment - Judge decrees prison for SGAE 'brain' / ABC SGAE 'brain', to prison - PSOE ups attack on banks in search of 15-M vote / EL MUNDO Bildu asks for vote to not raise Spanish flag - Employment Minister wants special tax on bankers - Teddy Bautista 'promoted' a 'parasite plot' at SGAE / PUBLICO (Extremadura) PP takes on IU programme - Chavez returns to Venezuela for Bicentenary - PP backs censure motion against Socialist mayor of El Saucejo, Sevilla / CINCO DIAS (Business/Finance) PP resurrects idea of freeing land for building - Over six million workers earn less than one thousand euros a month - (Ministry of) Defence backs use of heavy armament on tuna boats / EUROPA SUR European Commission backs rail axis that pleases the area - Junta takes two to cpourt for intentional fire in San Roque - Los Barrios closes its municipal companies - Seasonal employment sends employment figures diown for third month SPONSORED BY

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