Monday, 11 July 2011

Today's headlines

EL PAIS Zapatero closes deal on succession with Rubalcaba - Fernando Alonso beats Red Bulls at last - EU calls top echelon to stop Italian contagion / ABC (Over photo of Fernando) Alonso finds the formula - Depth of crisis to decide on early elections - Pro-ETAs seek to copy 15-M methods / PUBLICO PP spends over three million a year on off-payroll salaries - Alonso reigns in England - Appraisals are inflated if it benefits the banks / EL MUNDO  Trichet as ks for Finance Ministry to shield the euro - Conchi Rios, first woman bullfighter to be borne on shoulders at Las Ventas - Zapatero will only retouch when faced with early elections / CINCO DIAS (Business/Finance) Large construction companies want tolls on all major roads - The weaker cajas could lose 70% of their value in five years - State interest debt shoots up but is still below Germany and France / EUROPA SUR spain rejects more landfills in Gibraltar - (Over photo of Fernando Alonso) Red bull at his feet - San Roque goes over the 30,000 inhabitants, of which 17% are foreigners - Jose Loaiza (PP) presides new Diputacion de Cadiz tomorrow SPONSORED BY 

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