Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Tribute to Neil Young this weekend at Bolonia: a gathering of 'rusties'

TARIFA / Bolonia The second Rust Festival takes place on the beach at Bolonia this weekend. Neil Young fans (known as 'rusties') will come ready to pay tribute and homage to a musician who has spent over foirty years on the road. Bands and groups will be onstage interpreting Youngs music. Rusties will exchange information, discs and rumours as they dance on the sand. The event last year was held in La Coruña,  and was a grand success. This year in the southernmost part of the country, and next year in Catalonia. As one of the organizers told us, "Neil Young has fans all over the country, and we like to share, so that's why we spread ourselves around."

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