Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Residents complain about use of public ways

Plaza La Marina, Tarifa
TARIFA (Agencies) The proliferation of bars and their annex terraces gets even worse in the summer, accoring to a group of residents. The troublde is, they say, that these terrazas, or outdoor bars and tables, all too often take over pavements and squares, making it impossible to walk on what are in fact public ways. Recent complaints are aimed at the La Marina area, where a small square on the front are a good example. Seven bars have taken the square over with licences given before and after the new Council took over. A spokesperson for the Council said that the idea behind granting the permits was to "promote the use and enjoyment of public land," a concept with which the residents do not agree. They argue that the terrazas are there for the pecuniary advantage of the bar and restaurant owners, but not for residents who live in the area, who they believe have rights of their own.

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