Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Verbena this weekend in Jimena to include Medieval Market

JIMENA As we reported and defined just the other day, this year's Verbena in the top part of the village is this Saturday at the Llano de la Victoria. And although it is not on the poster (image), a Medieval Market is planned, with stalls and fun for all. The kids will have all sorts of games (including traditional Spanish things like ‘juego del chocolate’, ‘las manzanas’and ‘relevos populares’ - worth checking out, we assure you!) and, of course the bouncy castle. For the big 'uns, there's a bar with a variety of tapas - and for the really adventurous, there's a Salsa and Paso Doble Competition. And as we said before, the verbena has all the trappings of a full-blown feria, but it is much closer to home, more intimate, and thus (to our mind) more enjoyable. It does not contain kiddies' rides, which will come as a relief to many.

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