Monday, 22 August 2011

95% Pass rate for Gibraltar A-level students

GIBRALTAR (GibChronicle) A-level exam results this year in Gibraltar have seen an A-E pass rate of 97% at Westside School and a 95% at Bayside School, with eight students from Westside and four students from Bayside gaining the title of ‘Gibraltar Scholar’. The rate was 90% for Gibraltar College. The overall pass rate for all three institutions is 95% which officials said compares favourably with the UK average. The Chronicle spoke to Meenal Viz, one of the Gibraltar Scholars at Westside who has achieved an A* in mathematics, A’s both in Physics and Biology and a B in Chemistry, she said: “I am very, very happy. I am taking a gap year first and hopefully I will then go on to study medicine. I have had to sacrifice a lot but it has paid off.”>>>

Headmaster of Westside School George Garcia was pleased with the results explaining: “I am happy that the standards are being maintained. It’s always a challenge when numbers are growing to maintain those standards.”

One of the subjects that has seen the best pass rates this year at Westside is Geography, which has seen a 100% A*-B grades, with five out of the six gaining A*, which George Garcia has described as ‘amazing’. Maths has also seen a high pass rate, 79% achieving A* to B grades.

Kim Baglietto, also one of the Gibraltar Scholars this year was one of those to gain an A* in Geography, she said: “I’m shocked, I gained an A*, two A’s and a B, I am going to go on to study Biomedical science at Newcastle University.”

The Headmaster of Bayside School, Leslie Grech, was also happy with the results this year, he said: “Certain subjects have scored 100% pass rate at A2, so that is quite pleasing. Those that didn’t we need to look at now.

Mr Grech spoke about how those in year 12 had done particularly well in their AS levels, with one student achieving five A’s. “There has been some very good results in particular subjects such as science, maths and further maths at AS.”

He also said: “There was a slightly lower number of A* to B rates at A2 level but at the AS levels they have improved, with particularly higher grades at A and B, so I am quite optimistic for the results next year.”

James Victor received his results, and said: “I have got one A, two C’s and a B, which are ok considering the subjects that I have done, I am applying this year for university, which is possible due to my grades.”

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