Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Gibraltar Police warn of La Linea assault and robbery incident

Los Junquillos (illustration only)
GIBRALTAR (GibChronicle) A young Gibraltarian man was robbed in La Linea after three women allegedly set a trap for him and enabled two men to threaten him at knife-point, the Royal Gibraltar Police said yesterday. The gang of five stole the man’s belongings and his car. The incident prompted the RGP to issue a warning about distraction tactics used by criminals to set up their victims. The incident happened in the early hours of Friday morning as the man drove alone to Gibraltar from Alcaidesa via Carrefour and the road through the notorious Los Junquillos area, which meets the border road. According to the victim’s account, three young women jumped into the road and forced him to stop his car. “They distracted him further whilst two men got in to his unlocked car and he was threatened at knife point,” the police said in a statement. “He was then robbed of all his belongings and even his car.”>>>
The RGP said the matter had been reported to the Spain’s Policia Nacional, which is liaising with both the victim’s family and police officers here.

“The RGP advises the general public to remain aware of these hideous types of crimes and of the distraction techniques employed by these criminals,” it said in a statement.

“Keep your car doors locked at all times, even when you are driving, and do not get distracted to expose yourself to these crimes.”

“Drive straight to the nearest police station to report the matter if you feel you are being targeted.”

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