Thursday, 29 September 2011

150 kilos of heroin headed for USA, stopped at port

(Illustration only)
ALGECIRAS (Agencies) Units of the Customs police and Guardia Civil located 150 kilos of pure heroin in a container headed for the US from Pakistan, with other stops along the West African coast. Sources have said that this is one of the largest quantities of pure heroin found at this port. A press conference is scheduled for tomorrow, which will offer a full report on the incident. Algeciras is one of the world's several crossroads in the drugs trade, and also one of the centres of the anti-drug opposition. Joint operations with the police of many countries have been successful in the past, with participation not only from the US's DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) but also the authorities from the likes of Romania, Ecuador, Italy, EuroPol, and the like.

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