Thursday, 29 September 2011

Over 50 arrests in 81 countries and 13,500 web pages closed in massive counterfeit medication operation

(Illustration only:
FRANCE (Agencies) Based in Lyon, Interpol coordinated an enormous operation against false medicines all over the world. Called Pangea IV the operation began deploying between September 20 and 27, and so far there have been 55 arrests in 81 countries, and confiscation of over €7 million in potentially dangerous drugs. Key to the success of the operation was watching over 15,000 websites -of which, 13,500 have been closed down- and online payment methods. Some 8,000 packets of false medicines were seized in 48 countries, containing 2.4 million tablets and pills supposedly for antibiotics, steroids, cancer treatments, against depression and epilepsy, as well as nutrition supplements and slimming products. Included, too, were such well known 'products' as Viagra and Cyalis, which are so often offered on the Internet and through spam e-mails.

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