Saturday, 3 September 2011

Cadiz has enough water for another five or six years

Guadalcacín reservoir
CÁDIZ Even if it doesn't rain a lot for some time, the province has enough water to last for the next five or six years, according to the Agencia Andaluza del Agua (Andalucia Water Agency). What it calls a 'hydrological year' ends on September 30 and it has been particularly generous in filling the ten reservoirs within Cádiz to an acceptable degree although not quite reaching last year's level. They are at an average of 83.9% of their capacity, which menas that there is enough water to supply cities, industry and agriculture alike. The province's main reservoir at Guadalcacín is at 82.6% of its capacity, some distance from its record capacity of 91.8% of March last year, which prompted emergency plans to release water, an event that had not been seen in 16 years, but was not necessary. The other four largest reservoirs in the province are similarly full: Zahara-El Gastor is at 98%, while those at Los Hurones, Bornos and Barbate hold 81%.

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