Friday, 16 September 2011

Cala Sardina investors leave in disgust

SAN ROQUE A group of investors in what was to be the Cala Sardina Resort that included the first six-star hotel in the area, announced here in February, has scrapped the idea and is leaving town with their plans and money, to invest somewhere else. The company involved, Cala Sardina Resort SL has said that the reason for leaving is 'the lack of interest from the Council'. Added to that, they say, they feel 'robbed' by the Town Hall not having met the agreements signed and ratified by the Council in 2010, plus recent announcements from Mayor Juan Carlos Ruiz Boix to the effect that the project 'was nothing but a smokescreen and clearly an electoral ploy'. Preliminary studies in the area where the resort was to be built, archaeological remains had been found that would have delayed building work, and the plans that had been agreed were changed and a heliport was not going to be allowed. A spokesperson for the company told us that they 'felt they had been misled from the very start.'

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