Thursday, 29 September 2011

European birdwatch in Gibraltar

GIBRALTAR (Panorama) Millions of migrating birds will leave Europe in these weeks flying to their wintering places in Africa. BirdLife International invites people in Europe to take the opportunity on the weekend of October 1 and 2, 2011, (This weekend!) to discover the fascinating world of bird migration. The European Birdwatch is an annual event comprising hundreds of nationally organised activities. On these observation posts the number of birds and participating people are counted and reported via the national centres to the European centre. In the last years around 60,000 people took part in 34 countries and close to three million birds were observed on this single weekend. In 2011 the event is coordinated by SVS/BirdLife Switzerland, which is acting as the European Centre to process these data. Locally, GONHS (Gibraltar Ornithological and Natural History Society) will once again be hosting EuroBirdwatch, as Gibraltar BirdLife Partner organisation. Programme below.>>>Our events will be centred around the Alameda Botanic Gardens and Europa Point as follows:


BIRD RINGING 8am to around 11am (the sun comes up higher after then) trained bird ringers will be catching birds in mist nets around the gardens and bringing them to a temporary ringing station on top of the Nature Shop at the Grand Parade entrance, where the birds will be identified, measured, weighed and released.

BIRD WALKS 9am onwards. GONHS members will be leading walks around the Gardens, looking out for local and perhaps migratory birds. There will be a telescope on the bridge over The Dell form where birds can be seen coming in to bathe and drink at a fountain.

RAPTOR DISPLAY (Birds of Prey) - Our Raptor Rescue team will be bringing a variety of birds down to the walk between the top of the Grand Parade entrance steps and The Cottage, which should include a variety of eagles, hawks and falcons. The team will be setting up the birds at around 1030am.

*Please note that in order to avoid unnecessary stress to the birds these will usually be removed after 1200-1230pm, so please don't come late and miss these wonderful birds.


3pm-6pm from the Europa Point Marine Observatory. Accessible on foot, by car (Europa Point car-park) or free on the No.2 Route bus from Market Place to Europa Point.

*All are most welcome (please note that dogs are not permitted within the Alameda Botanic Gardens)
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