Thursday, 8 September 2011

John Galliano gets away with fine and no jail

John Galliano
PARIS (Agencies) Gibraltar-raised disgraced fashion designer John Galiano was not in court to hear the sentence but he will have been relieved when he did. Charged with 'proferring insulting language of a religious, racial or ethnic origin" in a Paris bar (image), Galliano will not have to go to prison, as had been much expected, but was fined €6,000. Amongst the more charming insults he said he remembered nothing - there was ample video proof - was "I love Hitler". With any luck this is the last we will hear about a genius who many say lost his way in alcohol and drugs. Having also lost his job as head designer at the House of Dior, let's hope he can emerge from his personal pit a better person.

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